You’ve got a great idea for a business. Now all you need is a name. And let’s face it, it’s exhilarating to get to the point where you can dream up a magnificent moniker for your grand enterprise.

But what is in a name? According to Shakespeare a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Is this true for your business? Will your passion and hard work shine through regardless of the name you choose, or are you setting yourself up to fail if you pick the wrong name? The truth is, your business and services can be the equivalent of a bouquet of the most fragrant roses and it won’t do you any good if you don’t get the name right. This is especially true in the highly competitive world of online marketing.

So how do you pick the perfect name?

  1. Be Memorable

You want to dub your business with a memorable name that is also easy to spell. If people can’t remember your name, and they can’t find it when searching on the internet, your business is more likely to be a failure-to-launch than a startup, and you’re bound to be relegated to obscurity. The rule is to be unique, but not impossible.

Moonpig, a popular UK custom greeting card company, chose to use the founder’s school nickname as a company name. Founder, Nick Jenkins, admits it wasn’t his first choice. So we can only assume there might have been some teasing involved, but as the name of a creative company it is perfect. It is quirky, short, memorable and lends itself to great marketing opportunities.

  1. Brand Your Business

Be clear about what you have to offer. In a market where hundreds of thousands of small businesses are competing, you will be one step ahead of your competition if you include in the name of your business some information about what you do. While a name like Tempo sounds interesting, give your customers a clue by including crucial defining words. Tempo Tuners is much more memorable, while Tempo Piano Tuners is what will get you found. Include your service in your domain name to help potential customers find you online. A domain name, such as gets straight to the point. A quick search on Google reveals that the majority of piano tuners that turn up have the word “piano” in their domain name.

  1. Keep It Short

Pick a business name that looks snazzy on a business card, and displays well in Google search results. If you are a feng shui consultant, Quiet Mountain Feng Shui Consultants probably isn’t the name for you, while Symmetry Feng Shui might do the job. Keeping it short will also make it straightforward to pick an easy-to-find domain name for your business.

Remember that these are just guidelines and that your own creativity should shine through. You need a brand you can believe in. So, if you decide to call your feng shui consultancy The Whooping Crane, we can’t stop you, but do keep in mind that without a relevant name and an already established brand you might soon be known as The Weeping Crane instead.

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3 Strategies To Picking The Perfect Business Name
Some tips on finding the perfect business name for your new venture, and how to choose a complementary domain name so you can get found online.