Last night at First Thursdays, Cape Town, it was our great privilege to have graffiti artist Falko Fantastic do a live installation of our beloved Ellie outside of Ground Art Caffe in Strand street.

The idea was an extension of our evolving Ellie billboard which the beloved Cape Town street artist recently did for us on the N1.
In her latest appearance – Ellie became the centre of attention at the First Thursday event at Ground Art Caffe in Strand Street, Cape Town.

We hoisted the 12m canvas onto a scaffolding, to be rolled back and painted from top to bottom while the First Thursday crowd enjoyed the festivities, snapped photos and sipped their sangria and craft beer.



Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the installation due to weather conditions – but she will be completed over the course of the weekend, and Ellie’s fans can look forward to seeing her installed above Strand Street on Monday.

…AND….. She’s up!

Ellie has been flighted on a billboard above Strand Street, Cape Town and will be there for you to see until the end of November.


You can follow Ellie’s progress via our Instagram account.

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