Design trends come and go but some trends tend to evolve and serve more as convenient and simple options that visitors love and appreciate. User-friendly ones can get you ranking higher on Google (SEO value) and, remember, if you don’t employ these tricks, your competition will at some point. You don’t necessarily have to have a huge budget to make your business website easy to use, you just have to know what’s out there and what will work best for you. We explore 3 tips that, when implemented, visitors will value and encourage them to stay longer on the site.

Responsive Design

This simply means that your website must display correctly on any device visitors use to get to your site – whether it’s from a mobile phone, desktop computer, tablet or any other gadget. Platforms like WordPress have responsive design built into their themes so you don’t have to worry about it. If you haven’t used a DIY option, we suggest speaking to your web designer about responsiveness. A responsive design can make your visitors feel as though you’re interacting with them and would interest them in staying longer on the page.

Clear Navigation

The navigation bar on your website must be clearly visible. This may sound obvious, or even trivial, but most people intuitively look toward a certain space, like the top or the extreme left, to navigate to a page that serves their interest more appropriately – such as the Services, Contact or About page. Sometimes navigation bars are hidden in an attempt to be fancy or creative. While this option may work for some industries, consider who your target audience is and whether they’d be open to entertaining themselves that way on your site.

Large Imagery

A simple yet effective way to make your website look fresh and current is through the use of a large or big image as your background. It’s aesthetically pleasing and first impressions count. However, the bigger the image the more likely it is to be a large file size which can cause loading problems for visitors who are on a slower internet speed. Improper loading is frustrating and reflects poorly on you as a business. Google also penalises websites that have a slower loading speed. Fortunately resizing the image and having your website designer ensure that the file isn’t too large is a quick job.

It’s quite simple, really – your website should be clean, straightforward and easily accessible from any device. Your visitors’ ease of access will shape their experience interacting with your business online, that can positively translate into, eventually, sales. Whether you have an existing site that needs a redesign or if you’d like a brand new website, Webafrica’s web design specialists put together a website that appropriate to your industry – with all the whistles and bells so your visitors are captivated by your website.

Article Name
Website Design Tips For Niche Businesses
Design trends come and go but some trends tend to evolve and as a niche business, you can use these trends to create an impactful website.