Webafrica is the first in South Africa to offer the all-new 40 Mbps Vuma Reach package. This means that you are not limited to only 20 Mbps anymore. Set your line free and get so much more freedom!

But what’s the difference? Here’s how they compare:

The old package 20/10 Mbps – R399 /month:

  • NO FUP applied
  • Connect 4-5 devices
  • Up to 4 devices can be streaming in HD
  • Only one 1 device can do 4K streaming
  • A 5GB video will take you 36 mins to download on average
  • Only 2 devices can be gaming online at the same time

The all-new upgraded 40/10 Mbps for R529/month:

  • NO FUP applied
  • Connect 5-10 devices to the line (AWESOME!)
  • More than 4 devices can be streaming in HD
  • Now you can have 2 devices streaming 4K
  • Your download time for a 5GB video goes down to 18 mins
  • And you can connect more than 2 devices for online gaming

WOWEE! The 40 Mbps line is looking pretty good and can give you so much more at Faster than Fast Fibre speeds. So what are you waiting for? Order or Upgrade TODAY and be some of the firsts in SA to get the new deal!

If you’re not a Vuma Reach customer yet, you can head over to our website and search your address on our coverage map. If your area has Vuma Reach available, just follow the prompts and get your order in for the 40 Mbps line so we can get you up and running as soon as possible!

If you’re one of our awesome customers already, you can follow these simple steps to get your upgrade scheduled for the 1st of the following month:

Step 1: Go to your Customer Zone – My Services page
Step 2: Click on “upgrade” next to the service which you’d like to change
Step 3: Pick the service you want to change on the product category page
Step 4: Pick your brand new upgraded line speed package
BOOM – you’re done!

Easy peasy, right?!

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