Which is the best ad blocker in 2019, and is it okay to be using an ad blocker at all?

If you have ever used a browser that’s not armed with an ad blocker you will understand the case for using one. It can be hugely distracting and time-consuming to have to keep closing annoying pop-ups and minimize ads that block the content you’re looking for – not to mention those that have dazzling and blinking lights flashing away along-side something you’re trying to concentrate on.

So, the case for ads.

There is a lot of free content on the internet – and that is the way it should be – but we need to keep in mind that many of the people creating the content you enjoy are only able to do so because they are paid for advertising space on their pages.

In many instances, the entire infrastructure (especially of free websites) is only able to exist because it is bank-rolled by the ad space being sold.

So when we remove the platform’s ability to advertise we are essentially cutting the legs out from under the very same content providers, writers, designers and big thinkers whose page we came to see.

…and against…

Then again there are also ads and pop-ups that are not only annoying, but they are also malicious and trying to get you to give up your private data. They compromise our privacy, our security and the performance of our devices. Did I mention that they are really annoying?

So what to do?

We asked the technical wizards around the office (we’ve a few of them) what they think, and which ad blockers they are using. Here is what they said:

There are some really good ad blockers that will protect your information and silence the most annoying ads and pop-ups, while still allowing un-obtrusive in-line ads which don’t distract too much.

For example those small side banner and header ads which are built into the designated ad space on your page.

These are the ones we recommend. You’re still allowing advertising to happen (and thus supporting the small-time content creators), but it’s not going to drive you crazy, and it won’t do you any harm.

The Best Ad Blockers Browser Extensions of 2019:

Best for Chrome:

AdBlock plus

Ultimate Ad Blocker

Best for Firefox and Opera:

Privacy Badger

Incognito ad blocker 

Best for Android or iOS mobile devices:


AdBlock plus

There are many others out there – and if you’re using something that we haven’t listed and it works well for you we would love to hear about in the comments. The Ad blockers listed above are the ones our own Webafricans have tried and tested and which we believe to work well, and ethically.


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