Now that we already know the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, it’s time to get cracking and optimise the content and back-end settings for maximum results. While optimising your site can largely be done by yourself, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a web designer to take care of the nitty-gritty geek speak. 

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting every aspect correct that we fail to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and make a connection between the two for the most effective mobile SEO. There’s a fine line between making it right and overdoing it. It’s tricky trying to figure out if you’re overdoing it, and keeping in mind these 5 most common SEO mistakes on mobile and how to avoid them will set things straight.

Infographic created by Clixlogix

Make sure your mobile SEO is always ahead, even with Google’s numerous updates, with reliable assistance from a website guru. As a web design customer at Webafrica, you receive the assistance you need, along with a host of bells and whistles, regarding all aspects of your desktop and mobile website.

Mobile SEO Mistakes
Article Name
Mobile SEO Mistakes
Optimising your site for mobile SEO is tricky business – there's a fine line
  • Harvey Specter
    Posted at 14:40 March 6, 2016

    Hi saajida

    Indeed a great post about SEO mistakes.

    According to me, Search engine optimization is something which can make our future If we do it the right way.

    You have listed most common seo mistakes which almost every blogger is doing.

    In order to rank instantly in SERPs, people are trying un-ethical SEO strategies like keyword stuffing, building low quality or spam links.

    Keyword stuffing is the most common and worst SEO mistake I have ever seen. People think that filling the article with so many keywords will help them to rank fast.

    But It is wrong, Nowadays Google is very much strict for such webmasters and rolling regular updates to kill these webmaster’s work.

    Copying articles from other site is also a most common seo mistake and I had also did this mistake when I started my blogging carrier But now I have completely avoided it.

    I am completely against keyword stuffing and copying content.

    Thanks for listing all the mistakes here so that people can learn about these mistakes and can try to avoid them. 😀

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