Google, Facebook and YouTube are the most visited websites in South Africa, showing that we clearly love social! Last month Fuseware and World Wide Worx reported at the recent #SocialSA conference the latest South African social media statistics, which indicate the country’s top eight social networks.


1. Facebook – 9.4 million users (interesting fact: 87% of South African Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile phones)

2. Mxit – 7.4 million (Mxit have changed how they report their stats – they used to count users as active if they were on the platform within 90 days, and now it’s within a month, which explains the big drop from last year’s active user figure of 9.3 million)

3. Twitter – 5.5 million (this is a massive 129% growth from last year)

4. YouTube – 4.7 million (videos of 2.5 minutes are the most watched in South Africa, so if you’re uploading to YouTube, keep your videos short)

5. LinkedIn – 2.7 million (the top industry in South Africa is finance)

6. 2go – 1.1 million users (this mobile network is more popular in other African countries such as Nigeria)

7. Instagram – 680 000 (Amaro is the top filter)

8. Google+ – 466 000 (numbers haven’t increased much over the past year, so this network is clearly not picking up many new fans)

Stats: Fuseware and World Wide Worx

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