It’s that time again where we check out the latest and greatest shows available on Netflix. Here are a few May releases to binge on in the next couple of weeks!

Blood & Water

Season 1 (hopefully not the last)
This is definitely the top pick of the month. Not only because it has a very interesting storyline, and it’s trending on Netflix already, but also because it’s a South African story. Yes, right here – local is lekker!

It’s about a Cape Town-born girl who transfers to a high-end private Johannesburg school (Parkhurst College), after meeting someone she believes to be her sister who was abducted at birth. The series follows her investigation and mission to get to the truth.

Schitt’s Creek

Season 6
If you have never watched this series, now’s your chance! It’s hilarious and the characters are interesting – and very different. We were all very excited for this final season and it has finally been released in South Africa. The season wraps up the loose ends and provides a heartwarming and colourful finale. Disclaimer: you will cry when watching the end.

The six seasons tell the story of a millionaire family of four suddenly losing everything – their money, cars and houses (yes they had more than one). The only thing they have left is a town the father owns, Schitt’s Creek. They all move to the town and struggle fitting in after their previous lavish lifestyle. You will grow to love the characters and have tons of fun watching it!


This documentary follows everyone’s favourite former First Lady, Michelle Obama and her life leading up to the inspirational figure she is today. It’s a glimpse into her life and will definitely help you get back your faith in humanity. She has overcome many struggles in life and provides inspiration and motivation to all. Definitely, a must-see if you like documentaries, biographies and the Obama’s.

The Big Flower Fight

Season 1

If you like gardening (or just looking at gardens and flowers in general) you will LOVE this show! It could potentially also help you get the motivation to pluck out those weeds in the front yard.

Sculptors, florists and landscapers pair up in ten teams to take on humongous gardening tasks. They have to create extravagant floral arrangements and gets judged on it. There will only be one winner. Who has the ultimate greenest of the green fingers?

Dead to Me

Season 2
Dead to Me is back, continuing from the cliff hanger that had us on the edge of our seats last season. There’s a lot of anxiety and crazy times in the second season with the two women’s friendship taking strange turns. For those who haven’t watched the first season:

The show follows two women, the grieving widow Jen who lost her husband in a car accident, and a woman she meets at a grief support group, Judy. Judy claims to be grieving her dead fiancée but she carries a dark secret. It’s a funny but dark series that will make you binge-watch the whole thing in one day – who needs sleep, right?!

Still coming…

Snowpiercer Season 1

Coming Monday (25 May)
Earth has frozen and the last surviving humans live in a giant train circling the globe. You might have watched the 2013 movie with Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton which will give you a preview of the series. Both the film and series are based on the French graphic novel: Le Transperceneige.

Space Force Season 1

Coming 29 May
With Steve Carell & John Malkovich in the cast, we can only think this will give your stomach some workouts providing plenty of laughs. A scientist and a General have to team up (unwillingly) to create a new team of armed forces to man space. “Getting boots to the moon” is the goal in the end. Of course, there are some hilarious stumbling blocks in the way.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3

Coming 29 May
The first two seasons follows “Everybody Loves Raymond” writer and producer, Philip Rosenthal around the world as he tests food from different countries. He travels to cities like Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Lisbon, Copenhagen, New York, Dublin and of course in Season 2, Episode 5 right here in our own Cape Town. It’s no masterpiece and has many faults, but it’s still an interesting, fun thing to watch when you’re bored in Lockdown.

The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story

Coming 15 June
We just had to include this one even though it’s still far away from being released on Netflix South Africa. It follows the stories of rock band, Queen and the musician Adam Lambert with never seen before footage and backstage insight. It will let you feel like you’re a groupie with inside info! Get the band T-Shirts and skinny jeans ready!



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