When last did you check your spam folder? Not recently? You might be surprised how many companies and organisations’ newsletters and marketing emails land up in this doomed box – never to be touched again.

So, how do you avoid having your emails end up in die dark pit of your potential client’s accounts? Here are 6 easy steps to newsletter and email marketing success:

Aim for a good subject line

Personalised subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. – Adestra, July 2012 Report

The subject line is the first text people see when they open their inbox. Create something that is both striking and creative. When in doubt of what to write, ask yourself if you would open the email if it landed up in your inbox.

The body should be interesting

No one wants to receive a boring newsletter or mailer that really doesn’t offer you anything valuable. Make sure your content captures your audience’s attention. You want your reader to read from the top to the bottom, therefore, always ensure your content is alluring enough to reach this goal.

If an email does not display correctly, 71,2% will delete it immediately. – BlueHornet, “Consumer Views of Email Marketing” (2014)

Furthermore, if your email does not display correctly, people will not bother to fix what is wrong with it or try to read it. Make sure your email is optimised to display correctly on all browsers and devices.

Have a clear Call to Action

Whether you want your readers to share your mailer, go to your website, buy your product or hire your service, you have to make sure that they know where to click in order for them to get what they want.

Timing is everything

49% of people read emails on their smartphones immediately when they wake up. – Apsis, “The email Barometer, Email on mobile devices” (2013)

You know the feeling: you are busy gathering your things from your desk, ready to go home, when your eye catches a new email. Do you sit back comfortably, open the mail and read it with the utmost attention? No, if the email is not something really important, you will get rid of it as soon as possible. And even if it is something you want to read, you won’t take the time to share it. So, be careful when you send out your mailer. Early morning (before 7am) or just before lunch time is always a good idea as people usually have a few extra minutes then.

Make it interesting enough to share

You don’t want your email to end up in the trash box or just gathering digital dust in inboxes – you want people to share it. The easiest way to hint at sharing the mailer would be to add a link somewhere in the content with a tagline asking them to share it. But, if your content is not interesting enough, people will still not share it. Therefore, make sure you add something worthwhile to share: relevant information or interesting images. Also add social media buttons for readers who would like to share your email on their social media platforms.

Don’t talk to a crowd, talk to individuals

People are more susceptible to information when it is directed directly to them. Write in the first person and always make sure your tone speaks to your specific target market.

Too often our spam folders are fuller than our inboxes. So, make sure your marketing email or newsletter does not end up in the graveyard for emails as well!