Webafrica is on a mission to bring the fastest internet options to as many South Africans as possible.

Which is why when Cell C announced the rollout of their new LTE infrastructure we knew we had to have it.

Thanks to Cell C we can now provide LTE at Home to even more South Africans than we did before, at truly competitive prices!

Cell C:  a Game Changer for LTE

Cell C has changed the LTE game by providing a substantially lower in-package per MB price than we were previously able to offer our customers.

With data packages that are so competitively priced, customers will find it easier to sign up for a bigger data package from the get-go, making it less likely that they will need to worry about pesky top-ups.

To find out which infrastructure provider covers your area (and compare packages), you can search your address on our LTE at Home webpage.


Why you should sign up for Webafrica LTE at Home today:

It’s Fast

Need to get connected in a hurry? Because LTE is wireless, you can have your service up and running within 3-5 days of getting your RICA documents approved.

Free Router*

You get a free-to-use router worth R1499 (with any LTE at Home package over 55GB)

Cash Back

If you don’t take our router we will credit your account with R500 (on packages over 55GB, or R250 on smaller packages)

No contracts

If you want to cancel your service all you have to do is give one calendar months’ notice.

No strings attached

LTE is wireless. You can take it wherever you go, and as long as you’re in one of your chosen infrastructure provider’s coverage areas, you can connect.

It’s Racy

Download speeds on LTE at Home range between 4Mbps and 50Mbps, but most of our LTE at Home customers average at 25Mbps.



The fine print:

*Free Router: If you choose to cancel your service within the first 12 months you will either need to purchase your router, or simply return it to us in the original packaging.