Dear Webafrica customers, please take note of the below warning issued to us by Vumatel: 

Vumatel has been made aware of criminals using the company name to defraud customers. Please read the information below carefully.

Customers have reported that they have been defrauded by companies called Wireless Nerds, Your Wi-Fi Specialists and Wi-Fi and Networking Specialists. These companies all appear to be operated by the same person named Sipho Mahlangu, otherwise known as Lucky Mahlangu. This person is targeting Vumatel areas and posing as a Vumatel employee.

When engaging with customers, he claims to be a technician and charges a call-out fee upfront. Sometimes he advises customers that they require more equipment to improve their internet experience, like new Wi-Fi routers and Wireless Extenders. He charges customers for this equipment and then disappears. In other instances, he has installed “equipment” into customers’ homes but disappears as soon as they realise that the equipment does not work.

Tips to avoid being scammed

• If you are having any internet-related issues, please contact Webafrica or Vumatel directly. You will receive a ticket number from us, and if we create a ticket with Vumatel for you, from them. Unless you have logged a ticket and have a Vumatel ticket number, do not engage with anyone claiming to be from Vumatel.

• If you would like more information about solving fibre-related issues, please check out Vumatel’s newly updated and revamped Help Centre here.

• Vumatel only installs the Fibre line and Fibre converter (CPE or ONT) which gets mounted to your wall.

Vumatel does not offer any other services. Vumatel do not sell, install, or support Wi-Fi routers, Extenders, or any other internet-related equipment. Vumatel does not offer any IT-related services and cannot assist you with setting up internal networks and cabling within your home. If someone claims to be from Vumatel or claims to be an accredited Vumatel partner and is offering you any of these additional products and services, you should be suspicious.

• Vumatel does not charge any fees to the customer for maintenance and support.

• The only support related fee that Vumatel charges is for a re-installation. (For example, if your dog has chewed through your Fibre line and it has to be replaced).

Contact Vumatel or Webafrica

Some Vumatel customers, who have already fallen victim to this scam, have registered cases with the police and Vumatel are working closely with them to see that justice prevails.

If you have had a similar experience or have any information pertaining to these crimes, please contact

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