Happy Web Wednesday!

It’s Friday afternoon (as I write this) and the last thing I feel like doing is working. Most of us feel this way on Friday’s and so I decided I would see what I could find on the internet to get to that 5pm chime.

This is what I found (please share more with us in the comments section):

Snake on YouTube

For those of you that had a Nokia phone back in the late 1990s you will remember possibly the best game ever….SNAKE. It was simple yet addictive. If you have a pretty fast internet connection this one is difficult to master but it can still be done.

  1. Find a video on Youtube – I find this one has a good soundtrack but I soon lose interest in the game and end up watching the video!
  2. While the video is loading hold the up arrow key and click on the video screen and you will see the loading icon change into a snake
  3. Enjoy

PS – I hope that if you are a Web African ADSL customer that your video does eventually load, if you not and it takes forever….maybe move to us!

Zerg Rush

I had to find out what “zerg rush” meant and this is what I found – “Zerg Rush is an online gaming term used to describe an overwhelming scale of attack carried out by one player against another in real time strategy (RTS) games.”

Search for Zerg Rush on Google (or click here you lazy people) and click on the attacking little O’s to take them out before they destroy your search results.

Here was my score, let us know yours (and you techies out there, no firebug or alike tool to change your score)


Angry Birds Chrome

I have to admit I had never played angry birds until today (much to the shock of Greg, our Finance Manager). I was hooked after 10 minutes.  It did remind me of another similar game from my days at school called QBASIC Gorillas. Similar approach – 2 player game where you throw banana’s at each on top of building by entering in the angle and velocity.

Tetris Africa

This may not be as fun as the others but if your boss looks over your shoulder you can tell him/her that you are finding new markets in Africa (I dont recommend you try that excuse with angry birds though).  Having lived in South Africa all my life (30 years – well almost) and my mom being a high school Geography teacher I thought I should be set….well I was wrong.

Test your knowledge of where each African country is here.

If you have any suggestions of some fun things to do on the internet please let us know below….