We are at the end of 2018, and it’s been a busy year. Now it’s time for family fun, games, and relaxation to begin. We want to make sure that your “Blitzvinning” Webafrica internet helps you to keep the (younger) kids entertained in a healthy, educational way.

This list is for your smaller kids, the ones who are filled with the wonder of learning to read, write, count, and more.


  • This awesome website now has an app to download to your phone and take with you wherever you (and your kids) go
  • Your kids will learn the basics of phonics, reading and writing, without ever realising that they are learning and not just playing a game


  • The Little Digits app cleverly uses multi-touch to help your child learn to count
  • Touch the screen with your fingers, and the app verbally tells you how many fingers, while displaying the cutest number monster characters
  • Enjoy some basic sums, and even record your own audio for the voiceovers
  • Pretty cool for the young learner


  • This app allows you to select a character and travel around the neighbourhood, barging into people’s houses and then playing little mini-games
  • Fix a birdhouse from scratch, play dress-up, eat yummy snacks, and much more
  • This game delivers a strong message of inclusion and sharing


  • Nosy Crow’s interactive books have become a  favourite way to spend some valued kiddo’  time on the iPad. The lovable characters, Goldilocks and the Little Bear, follow a number of fairytale legends, such as Cinderella and Snow White to mention a few.
  • The game is beautifully animated, with intricate and entertaining details for those inquisitive little eyes and fingers to follow
  • Even though this is a story we have all heard before,  Nosy Crow managed to make it sound modern and natural without being gimmicky about it
  • It’s also fully interactive; help Goldie to clean up the mess she’s created and make sure the cute bears eat their porridge
  • The app does allow for smaller children to sit back and watch the story unfold if they are not yet ready to interact


  • Toca Blocks is like a Minecraft for little kids. It offers a creative sandbox that will let their imaginations run wild.
  • This one is more for those kids under 8 years of age
  • Like Minecraft, it’s all about digging and building, but because it’s all in 2D it is a lot easier for future little architects to visualize where their blocks should be placed
  • Blocks of different types can be very easily combined – just smoosh them together – to make all types of different textures and objects

This one is for your little ones – enjoy your holiday and for those drizzly days, Webafrica has you covered 😉


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