Webafrica is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our communities. Like all big companies, we have a social responsibility, and if we all make small contributions where we can, it can make a big difference in the long run. We don’t usually like to talk too much about what we do in the community because we feel it is a responsibility and not a bragging right, however, we thought you would enjoy this success story.

The story of the Buccleuch Residents Association is a wonderful example of how a simple contribution can improve lives.

In February 2018 we met up with the Buccleuch Residents Association (BRA) about their Fibre needs. We quickly discovered, though, that the number one thing on everyone’s minds was not internet access, but rather the security of their community.

How could we expect them to care about what we were offering them when they had such important things on their minds? So we decided to find a way to help.

Webafrica made a contribution which enabled the association to purchase and install new security technology and cameras (which they had identified as their primary need).

Within one week of installation, a criminal who had been committing crimes in the area was arrested by the police, thanks to the security footage they now had available to them.

Crime rates in the community are already dropping as a result.

Since the installation of their new security tech, the Buccleuch community is already enjoying a safer way of life.



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