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Need to know more about transferring your domain?

How long does it take to transfer my domain name from another web host?

A domain transfer can take place in less than 24 hours. In some cases (and depending on the domain extensions) you might be required to provide an authorisation or EPP key to complete the transfer. You can easily obtain this code from your previous web hosting company.

Do you also transfer my website if I have one?

Because Webafrica does not have access to your previous web hosting company’s servers, we cannot transfer your website. If you do have a website and are unsure of how to do this, all you would need to do is ask your previous hosting provider to furnish you with a full backup of your website files and we’ll be happy to assist you in uploading it. Easy as one, two, three.

Can I initiate a transfer on a domain name that does not belong to me?

You can only do this if you have permission from the current domain owner. In most cases we would always recommend that the owner of the domain name initiate the transfer as any verification mails will always be sent to the registered account holder.

Will my website/email work while a domain transfer is in process?

Yes. If done correctly from your previous hosting company’s side, there should be no downtime at all. In some cases though, propagation (the time it takes for your domain name to tell the world it is now with Webafrica) might have intermittent effects on which host a visitor sees when visiting your website. These issues should resolve themselves within 24 to 48 hours – while the propagation process is completed.

Can I add web hosting at a later stage if I only want to transfer my domain name?

Absolutely – you can easily add web hosting at anytime you want. You can either order this from our website or directly from your Customer Zone.

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