• Email Setup Assistance 12 Articles

    These articles are aimed at helping you set up your email accounts by yourself.

  • Webafrica LTE at Home 4 Articles

    All you need to know about your LTE, your plug and play wireless device and the incredible speeds you can experience.

  • Billing & Account Admin 14 Articles

    Get our banking details, check your current account balance, understand your invoice and more.

  • Web Hosting 145 Articles

    .NET, Linux or Windows questions? We have all the web hosting answers you need.

  • Domains 14 Articles

    Questions about domains? Learn how to manage, register and transfer yours.

  • Internet Access 29 Articles

    All the troubleshooting you need on your fibre and ADSL internet connections.

  • Webafrica Voice (VoIP) 9 Articles

    Learn how to setup your device, port your number and activate VoIP on your mobile phone.

  • Managing & Securing Web Content 9 Articles

    Find out all about CSR to SSL and even WordPress.

  • Website Design 14 Articles

    View some of the awesome sites we’ve designed and learn more about our web design package.

  • Build Your Own Site (Easy Website Builder) 13 Articles

    Find everything you need to know about building your own website right here!

  • VPS 8 Articles

    Learn everything from default Linux configurations to the management of your VPS.

  • Dedicated Servers 12 Articles

    Default Linux configuration, default Windows configuration, managing your server and more.

  • Cloudflare 1 Article

    Learn more about the benefits CloudFlare offers, from its speed to its security features.

  • Sitelock 5 Articles

    How Sitelock works and how it protects your site from malware and hacking.

  • Search Engine Optimization 6 Articles

    Find out more about Webafrica rankingCoach, its features and how it can benefit your site.

  • The Customer Zone 15 Articles

    Find out how to retrieve login details, change your password, log a support ticket and more.

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