Concurrent connections on Uncapped ADSL

With our uncapped services, users are limited to one concurrent connection at any given point of time.

If an account is trying to establish more than one connection, it will continually drop both connections until one of those connections stops attempting to authenticate.

Subsequent connections most often occur in the following scenarios:

  • User is attempting to use their ADSL package at another premise, without disconnecting their primary connection first.
  • A user has shared their details with a friend or family member who is trying to use it while the primary connection is still active.
  • Another device on your premises is trying to establish a connection to the same account.
  • Someone has gained access to your account login details and is trying to make use of the service.

We Recommend:

  • Stop one of the accounts from attempting to establish an additional connection.
  • Changing their password via the Internet Usage Tracker and the primary connection.
  • Enabling DSL Secure if the connection is being established from another ADSL Line

If you do require additional simultaneous connections, you can upgrade your account to one of our home or business capped offerings which allow for up to 4 concurrent connections.

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