High Tier Shared Hosting Packages

High Tier Shared Hosting Packages

Ultimate Pro and Ultimate Extreme High Tier Usage Packages

If you are reading this knowledgebase article, chances are you would have been contacted by Web Africa regarding the amount of resources being used on your shared hosting account.

Please take a moment to read through the article so you can familiarize yourself with why we have contacted you.


As you are on a shared hosting environment, it’s imperative that we control the resources allocated to each of our hosting customers. In some cases, websites will use excessive resources that degrade the performance of other customers that reside on the same server.

In order to maintain our server and network integrity, Web Africa monitors and limits resources being allocated to customers to prevent any downtime from occurring.

This increases our overall uptime and results in your online home and email being available to the world at all times. In short, a much better experience all around.

The technical breakdown of our High Tier Usage Packages are listed below:


Dedicated Memory Dedicated vCPUS’s IO Cost
Ultimate Plus 2GB 2 vCPU 2048MB R649 P/M
Ultimate Extreme 4GB 4 vCPU 3072MB R849 P/M

Please refer to https://www.webafrica.co.za/hosting/ for more information

Prior to upgrading, it is advisable that you contact your web developer to see if there is any fix for a script that might be using these resources. We advise you do this timely to see if there is anything they could assist with.

Ultimately, upgrading will increase the performance of your current web hosting account by allocating more horsepower to your hosting account in the form of Memory, vCPU’s and IO allocation.

For your convenience, we have created some definitions of what constitutes high resource limits and possible errors you might be receiving.



The actual amount of memory your account is using, for example, while a PHP process has allocated 300Mb it might only be using 200Mb of physical memory.

Customers can expect the following error: – For CGI/PHP expect a 500 and 503 error to be displayed if exceeded



Processes limit restricts the number of concurrent connections to dynamic (PHP, CGI or Cron jobs) scripts for your account/website.

When exceeded, customers can expect – An error that will report itself to an end user as 508 error, “Resource Limit Reached”.



This value represents how much of your allocated CPU resources you are currently using.

When exceeded, customers can expect – When a user hits CPU limit threshold, processes within that limit are slowed down causing a degraded experience

You can upgrade your account by following the steps bellow:

  1. Login to your customer zone
  2. Click on “My Services” on the left hand menu
  3. Click on “Hosting”
  4. Select the drop-down menu on the “View Details” button and click on “Upgrade/Downgrade”
  5. Confirm the package you wish to upgrade to (Ultimate Pro or Ultimate Extreme)
  6. Continue with the order process – Your account will be upgraded immediately

Should you require more information or feel free to contact our support team on 086 000 9500


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