Home Uncapped Q&A

What do I get with my Home Uncapped account?
  • Unlimited data – so you can use as much bandwidth as you like, in line with our Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • 5 Free email accounts – including free spam and virus filtering.
  • Customer Zone – for managing your ADSL account easily.
  • DSL Secure – to protect your ADSL account.
What speeds can I expect with my Home Uncapped Account?
  • Your Telkom line speed – We recommend you complete a speed test to determine at what speed your line is currently syncing. If your line is managed by Web Africa we will handle any line upgrade/downgrade requests, saving you the hassle.
  • Your Home Uncapped package – Your bandwidth speeds can only be as fast as the uncapped packaged you have purchased. So if you have selected a 1Mbps Home Uncapped package, this is the maximum speed your line will run at. Even if a speed test says your line is syncing at 9Mbps, your line will not be able to run any faster than 1Mbps.
What is the Home Uncapped Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and why does it exist?

Our AUP is a set of rules that is put in place to protect users who aren’t abusing their uncapped accounts from those who are. It’s there to make sure abusers of our service do not receive the same quality uncapped service as those who stick to the rules. It’s clear, simple and fair. If you stick to it, you’ll get the most out of your Home Uncapped ADSL.

Our Home Uncapped ADSL makes use of the percentage based system in the form of star ratings, which allows for more usage than our previous rolling windows and provides a better experience to all Home Uncapped users.

The system takes usage and network capacity into account and is updated dynamically. The star rating is from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. We display your current star rating in your Internet Usage Tracker, so you know where you stand at all times.

It is important to note that deprioritisation will generally take effect when the network is under load, so a low star rating will not always mean you will see degraded performance if there is spare network capacity available. Network load will naturally be higher during office hours, so you may expect slower performance for non-crucial services and protocols during that time period on a lower star rating.

Is my Home Uncapped account shaped or throttled?

Home Uncapped is prioritised according to Silver Bandwidth priority. For more information on traffic prioritisation, see our Bandwidth Priority Profiles article.

Can I have more than one connection on my Home Uncapped account?

Home Uncapped allows for one connection only. Please see our Concurrent Connections article for more information on this.

Are Static IPs available on my Home Uncapped Account?

Static IPs are not available on Home Uncapped Accounts.

Do I have to take out a contract for Home Uncapped?

Not at all. We don’t feel the need to bind our customers into contracts that aren’t always convenient for them. You are free to use our service on a monthly basis, provided you give a calendar month`s notice if cancelling.

Visit our website for Home Uncapped pricing.

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