Transferring a domain name to Web Africa


This will explain the process of how to transfer a domain that you own to Web Africa. works on an email based voting system to approve a domain transfer request.


  1. Initiate a transfer for a domain via your Customer Zone
  2. The Registrant will receive an email from the registry to accept the transfer request
  3. The Registrant will click on Accept and the domain will immediately move to Web Africa


  1. Update the domain name servers. This can be done via your Customer Zone.

– Log into your Customer Zone

– Click on My Services

– Click on Domains

– Click on the down-arrow to the right of the domain name

– Click on Manage Name Servers

– Select the appropriate Preset values and click on Fill Values

– Click on Change Name Servers


5) Contact us preferably using a support ticket under your Customer Zone support area to let us know that all parties have been informed and we will then send a transfer request through to for you.

6) At this stage the old registrar/host should now approve the transfer request sent by Web Africa and your domain should be transferred within 24-48 hours.

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