Line Speed Optimiser – Improve DSL Speed

Checking your line’s health is now super easy. Before you do, you may want to perform a Speed Test

From our website, please log into your Customer Zone by clicking the ‘LOGIN’ button at the top right of your screen. Use your email address to sign in. This is the address you used when signing up at Webafrica.

  1. From the Customer Zone, select the ‘My Services’ tab, then click ‘Internet Access’.
  2. Look for your line service then select the ‘Account Details’ dropdown arrow and choose the ‘Manage my line’ option to view the Line Speed Optimizer.
  3. You will now see details about your line’s health. This allows you to view your line performance in detail.

You can also perform a port reset from this page. Remember to click ‘Refresh Line Information’ after your reset.

The slideshow below will show you exactly how.

Simply click the red ‘See Live’ button to get live assistance.

Login to your Customer Zone

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