LTE & Data Usage

Due to the speeds at which LTE-A operates, large amounts of data can be consumed in a short period of time. Please ensure you monitor your usage.

Reasons for high data usage:

  • Uninterrupted streaming in 4k
  • Data hungry applications that contain images or videos (YouTube, Facebook, 9gag)
  • Having applications run in the background
  • Operating system updates
  • Online backups
  • Large email attachments

Should you run out of data, you can easily upgrade or top-up.

Topping Up

We offer the following top-up options:

  • 1GB @ R10
  • 2GB @ R20
  • 3GB @ R30
  • 5GB @ R50
  • 10GB @ R100
  • 20GB @ R200

Please note that top-ups expire 30 days after purchase and these gigs are used prior to your monthly allocation of gigs.

We suggest you take a data plan that is specific to your usage requirements.

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