Web Africa’s ADSL Hourly Usage Reporting Explained

We provide hourly usage reporting to give as much detail as possible, which sometimes causes a bit of confusion. Unfortunately we are dependent on Telkom for usage reporting, so we have explained the principles in a little more detail below.

  • When an ADSL user authenticates (their router connects to the internet), Telkom sends through a “Start” notification letting us know that the user has connected and has started doing usage.
  • Thereafter, Telkom sends cumulative usage updates (called “Interim” notifications) for the user on an approximately hourly basis. This information is mostly, but not always received on an hourly basis.
  • The hourly usage is calculated as the difference between the current cumulative usage update received, less the previous cumulative usage update received.
  • The calculated hourly usage is then reported by Web Africa in the hour that the current cumulative usage update is received from Telkom. So the usage per hour on our report may not correspond to the actual time the usage is done, since it depends on when the information is received from Telkom.

Here is a simple illustrative example of why our breakdown by hour may sometimes differ from what you might expect, although the total usage is correct (for example usage is reflected in an hour you were not online or either more or less usage is reflected compared to what you were expecting).

The user authenticates at 8:02. At the 1st interim update at 09:00, the cumulative usage is recorded as 2 GBs. At 10:10, the 2nd interim update is received which says 3.5 GBs cumulative usage, the difference i.e. 1.5 GBs is reported as the hourly usage for hour 10:00-11:00. At 10:57, the 3rd interim update is received which says 6 GBs cumulative usage. The difference of 2.5 GBs is now recorded as additional usage in the hour 10:00-11:00, as this update was received at 10:57. Total usage for reported hour 10:00-11:00 is now 4 GBs (Example A).

The 4th interim update is received at 12:05 and says 7 GBs cumulative usage. The difference of 1 GB usage is recorded in hour 12:00 – 13:00 as the update was received at 12:05, even though the majority of the usage was probably done between 11:00 and 12:00 (Example B).

Please note that this is seldom the case, but it can occur, as the reporting is dependent on the timing of the cumulative interim updates received from Telkom.

We hope this clears up your queries regarding Hourly ADSL usage reporting.

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