Webafrica LTE Q&A

Can I  use my LTE-A SIM card in my Phone?
Unfortunately not. The SIM has been locked and therefore can only be used on our approved routers.

Does this work for gaming?
Yes, provided you receive a good result from a ping test (www.speedtest.net).

What do I do if my speeds are slow?
Firstly test the router in different places within your home, if that doesn’t work, plug an ethernet cable (provided) into the LTE-A router and your laptop or computer. Run a speed test. If your speeds remain consistently below 10 Mbps, you have 5 business days to cancel the service in order to qualify for a full refund. We’ll arrange a courier to collect the router at a time and place which is convenient for you. If you’ve received a free-to-use LTE router then simply cancel your package and return the router to us at any stage.

How to best position your LTE router at home
LTE routers are wireless and can be moved around your home for optimum signal strength and quality. As you are receiving signal from a tower, it is best to position your router near a window with as few obstacles as possible.  

What is the speed difference between 3G & LTE-A?
LTE-A is up to 10x faster with speeds commonly between 20 – 50 Mbps.

What is my IP address?
It changes every time!

What happens when many people use the same tower?
You may experience slower speeds but Rain, the LTE-A infrastructure provider, will add more towers and expand capacity on existing towers over time hence the congestion will be addressed.

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