The Webafrica VoIP Interface

The Webafrica Voice Interface is located within the Customer Zone – a secure area on our website dedicated to customers – and allows you to manage, configure and change settings according to your usage and needs. The interactive dashboard not only provides you with information at a glance but also a comprehensive breakdown into how your account is being both used and managed.

The Webafrica Voice Interface Tabs


The Dashboard provides you with an overview of your account. It is the starting point, to view and change your ‘Account Options’, and ‘View Call History’.


Phone Settings

From the Phone Settings tab, you can view your already pre-configured settings, as well as reset the current password (pre-configured or if you forgot).

Call Forwarding

From the Call Forwarding tab, you are able to manage and change your call forwarding options. You have the option to select whether or not you would like to activate call diverts as well as the forwarded number.

International Call Settings

With International Call Settings you are able to control where in the world you are able to make calls to. You also have the option to block or allow calls to all countries.


From the Notifications tab, you can manage and change your notification settings. You have the option to select when to be notified when you have X amount of data and how you prefer to be notified.

Itemised Billing

The Itemised Billing tab provides comprehensive analysis on your usage. It displays your airtime used, calls made and received, call history and the cost of each call.

Call Roaming

The Call Roaming tab allows you to activate and deactivate Call Roaming. If activated, you can select up to 10 countries.

Transfer Number

From the Transfer Number tab, you are able to enter the number you wish to transfer, as well as download, complete and upload the required documents.


The Top-Ups tab makes buying and viewing your top-up history easy. You can select the amount you wish to purchase and view when last you made a purchase along with the remaining credit and its expiry date.

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