Yealink W52P – Manual Setup

Getting Started

With most IP-based devices such as routers and VoIP phones, you can log into the device via a web browser using the IP address of the device. The W52P is no different. Of the many ways to get the IP of the device, the simplest is using a handset that is already associated with the connected base station. By pressing OK > Status, you will have all the relevant IP details displayed on the handset’s screen. Or for short simply press “OK” on the phone twice.

First Logins

The Yealink W52P is the same as any standard ADSL router in the sense that you can gain access to it when by typing in its local IP address in a web browser and that will take you to a login screen.

The default login creds to most Yealink devices is admin/admin. The W52P is no different, and you can get access to the client’s device using those details.

Manually Configuring the SIP Account

From the first page after login, you will need to select “Account”.

Once on the “Account” page, you will need to select “Line Active” to Enabled. Once that is done you will need to complete the following fields: Label, Display Name, Register Name, Username (Username and Register Name are generally the same and is the value determined on the client’s account), Password and then finally under SIP Server 1 Server Host (this can either be hostname or IP of the VoIP server). Once complete and happy scroll down and hit “Confirm”.

You will see the page refresh and change from a “Registering” state to a “Registered” state.

If you have an issue and it doesn’t turn to a “Registered” state, perform troubleshooting steps that will have been outlined to you.

Adding an Additional Handset to an Existing Line

If a client has two handsets and only one VoIP account you will need to allocate both handsets to use the same line. To do this follow the above guide to add an account.

Once completed select “Number Assignment” under the “Account” tab.

From the below screen you will see that the device is capable of having 5 lines and 5 handsets assigned to it in total.

After making sure that both handsets are paired to the base station, you will need to select that the second handset is assigned to the account you have configured on line 1.

Hitting confirm will commit the settings and now if the client receives a call on their line, both phones will ring.

Factory Reset

If you are faced with a situation where you need to reset the base station to clear all the configurations that were present on the device you will need to log into the device following the first guide shown in this document.

Once in, select the “Settings” tab.

Once there select the “Upgrade” option.

You will then be greeted by a screen that has the option to “Reset to Factory Setting” which is what you will need to select.

You will be prompted if that is what you would like to do and you can hit the “OK” to approve.

The device will take a few minutes to perform the reset. But once complete you will need to reconfigure the device as seen above in the past sections.

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