IS LTE on the Run the One for You?

Got itchy feet? LTE on the Run is a SIM powered mobile LTE service that gives you the freedom to stay connected (just about) wherever your sense of adventure takes you, by pairing the ever-expanding LTE network with our nifty little Mifi device.

Check our map to find out if there’s network coverage at home, at work, and wherever you socialize or go on holiday - and then just take it with you, it’s easy as pie.

Our LTE data is cheaper than any other kind of mobile data (such as your cell phone data). Your average telecoms company will charge you around R99/GB, while LTE on the Run will cost you only R10.95/GB for in-bundle-data and R12.50/GB to Top-up.

Flying Fast Internet Freedom? THAT'S JUST WHAT I NEED.

Check if you can get LTE

Check if you can get it

Our LTE on the Run works anywhere within your provider’s LTE network coverage range.

Heading to Plett for the holidays? Knysna for the oysters? Durban or Cape Town to mix business with pleasure? Webafrica’s LTE on the Run will keep you connected.

To find out if you’re covered , simply visit our LTE map (below) and type in the area or street address where you plan to use it, or find your address on the map and pin it.

Order LTE


Ordering your mobile LTE is as easy as clicking a button. You can use your LTE on the Run service with any LTE enabled Mifi device, or you can choose to purchase a mobile LTE Mifi device from us, now.

To complete your order, you will have to RICA your mobile LTE SIM and pay a once-off connection and delivery fee, but don’t stress, we’ve made this process easy.

Plug in and surf the net

Plug In & Get Moving

We aim to get your service to you within 5 working days after your RICA has been approved and payment has been made. Please ensure that you have a copy of your ID and proof of residence handy (per RICA regulations) when your service is delivered.

When it arrives, just open up your SIM, pop it into your Mifi Device, and Bob’s your uncle.

Can I Get Flying Fast LTE on the Run?

Enter your full address into the search bar below or zoom in on the map and click on your house.
Webafrica Availability Map
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How much does LTE on the Run Cost?

To make sure we can offer you the most flexible, most affordable mobile LTE service available, we are constantly updating our partnerships and services.

Take a look at the different packages we currently have on offer below:

Cell C LTE

Your Monthly Data Allocation:

20 GB

Do You Need a Mifi Device?

R219 / month  
  • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 business days
  • Once-off delivery fee of R209
  • No Lengthy Contracts
  • No More Waiting
  • Take It Wherever You Go
  • Top-Up available from R12.50/gig
  • 5 Day Money-Back Guarantee*



You can choose to purchase a mobile LTE Mifi device from us at a once-off fee of R749, or just take the SIM, and use your own LTE Mifi device.

ZTE MF910 - Left
ZTE MF910 - Front
ZTE MF910 - right
ZTE MF910 - bottom
ZTE MF910 - Top

The Ugly Bits

What No Other ISP will Tell You

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Fly with LTE on the Run?

Give our friendly sales team a buzz and they’ll get you sorted with flying-fast internet. Chop, chop.