Effing fast? Baleka fast?
Ridonculously? Ma se pa se fast?

Just how fast are we?

Tell us and stand a chance to win
your share of R100 000 in prizes!

I think Webafrica internet is


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Up for Grabs?

From all the entries we receive, we shall choose 1 overall winner and 5 runners up.

Here’s what you can win:

The Winner


A 13" Apple MacBook Pro (Space Grey) with Touch Bar, Intel Core i5, 256GB storage, valued at R32000*


Two years' (24 months') of free internet (all-in). See more details below.


Major bragging rights with your friends when your winning word gets used in our advertising, on our billboards, our digital ads, etc. You'll be famous!

The 5 Runners Up


1 year's (12 months') free internet (all-in). See more details below.

The Nitty Gritties.

(Our Competition Ts & Cs)

Q: What type of internet will I win?

This will depend on where you live (hence why we need your address) and what is available there.

If you can get fibre: Up to 20Mbps Uncapped, all in (no setup costs) and a free-to-use router.

If you can’t get fibre, but you can get LTE at Home: 200GB/month, with a free-to-use LTE router & SIM.

If you can't get Fibre or LTE, but you can get ADSL: Uncapped ADSL at the maximum speed available to your area, with a free-to-use router.

Q: What if my area isn't covered for internet?

That would be a real bummer. We rely on our Infrastructure providers to lay the fibre/adsl cables or to extend their LTE coverage. You have the choice of waiting (Fibre & LTE coverage is growing each day) or to be known as the best friend (or sister/brother/parent) in the world and gift it to someone who does fall into our coverage areas.

Q: How do I know if my area is covered?

Once you have submitted your entry, we will show you what options are available to you, based on the address you entered above.

Q: How old do I have to be to enter?

We haven't put in an age limit. "Gagagaga Mama" is a word too, so no matter your age, you can enter.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

You certainly can - we are sure that some of you have plenty of ways to describe fast. We will, however, limit your entries to 5 per person. If you submit more, we will only accept your first 5 entries as competition entries.

Q: I met Webafrica Bill and your team made a video of me saying my word for fast, does this count as an entry?

Yes! We have added all of the video entries to the competition and the details you wrote down on our permission form will be used to contact you, should you win.

Q: What will get me disqualified from this campaign?

We like to see ourselves as fun, funky and even stepping over the limit occasionally. That said, we ask you to keep it clean. Please DO NOT submit any words which are derogatory, racist, sexiest or offensive, or anything which amounts to hate speech. If you submit a word which amounts to any of the above-mentioned unacceptable language, you will automatically be excluded when we pick the winners. Remember it can be a fickle world we live in. Our word "effing" got us a slap on the wrist from a few consumers and ultimately the ASA .

Q: When does the competition, start, end and when will the winners be picked?

The competition will start on 3 September 2018 and run until 19 October 2018. We will choose the winners between the 22 - 26 October 2018, and contact them. Winners will also be announced on our Social Media platforms hereafter. From 5 November 2018 the winning words will be included in our ads (billboards, lamp posters, digital ads, as well as anywhere else we choose to advertise).

Q: What happens If I am awesome and already have an internet service through Webafrica?

Well firstly, you are awesome! Thanks for being a Webafrica customer. If you win and you already have one of our services, we will credit your account for the period (1 or 2 years, respectively) and upgrade you to the relevant speeds mentioned above. If you wish to change the way you connect - say you have LTE but want Fibre - we will get you connected with that tech, free of charge.

Q: What if I enter the same word as someone else?

If a winning word is submitted by more than one person, the respective entrants’ names will be placed into a random draw to determine who will win the prize.

Q: Will You Spam me?

No. You will get an email from us confirming your entry AND a clear way to unsubscribe if you don’t want any updates. If you choose to unsubscribe, you will only hear from us if you are one of our six lucky winners.

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The winning words will be chosen carefully. Prizes are not transferable for cash. All standard Webafrica Competition Ts & Cs apply, except for any terms expressly laid out above, which may contradict other standard Ts & Cs, in which case the Ts & Cs laid out above will take preference for this competition only.

The competition is open to all South Africans, and permanent residents of South Africa, with exception of the employees (and their immediate families) of Webafrica, it’s agents or anyone associated with the administration of the competition.