It’s that wonderful time of year again! The tinsel is out, spirits are high and just about everyone is getting ready for some great celebrations and a party or two.

But as much fun as it is to throw a party, if you’re the one hosting and planning the event things can get kind of stressful – especially if you need to coordinate different people, remember to feed your vegan cousin, and keep everyone entertained.

Luckily we live in an age of wonders, and among them are some sweet apps and tools to help you pull off the best party of the season. Chop, chop. So, whether you are planning a big Family Christmas Dinner or a dazzling New Years Eve Bash, we have a list of must-have free apps to make your life easier.

The Best Party Planning Apps

We recommend downloading these party planning tools chop, chop.

Get Organised.

Event Planner

Exactly what it says on the box. Event Planner is a mobile app that helps you do everything from invite your guests (and create a detailed guest list so you can keep tabs on things like the number of kids), manage RSVP’s, create shopping lists, to do lists and even keep an eye on your budget.

Download it directly onto your phone from the Google App store.

*Bonus App: Another option is My Party Planner – Lite. This app doesn’t have the same great ratings as Event Planner, but it has the added benefit of a menu section which some feel make it worth its salt.


Wunderlist has been around for a while. This super simple tool is not specific to party organizing, and you will need to put a bit more effort into creating lists and categories. Its big advantages are that it is really easy to use, it syncs across all your devices instantly AND you can share lists with family and friends to keep you all on the same page.

Once you have Wunderlist in your life you will probably find yourself using it for absolutely everything!

 Feed Everyone.


This app speaks for itself with its opening line “Finally, some help in the kitchen”. Pepperplate is a great menu and recipe app that comes complete with menu planning, recipes, and shopping lists. The best part? Pepperplate lets you share recipes and menus with your family and friends – so you can delegate the exact dishes you want them to bring along. No more experimental surprises from that odd-ball aunt!

*Bonus Apps: Struggling to find something for your vegan cousin to eat? Try looking for inspiration on Tasty Vegan or I’m Hungry (Vegetarian).

Cocktail hour.

Pocket Bartender

Want to impress the friends and familiar with some snazzy cocktails? We’ve got just the thing! Pocket Bartender has hundreds of cocktail recipes, including all of the most popular mixes. It’s a simple and straightforward app, so you should be able to keep using it even when the party gets warmed up! Aimed at beginners, Pocket Bartender will give you a list of what equipment, glasses and ingredients you should stock up on before the party.

Just don’t forget the ice!

Party Time.

8Tracks or Soundcloud

No party is complete without good music. But you don’t have to run down to the record store and stock up on LPs (although they are pretty retro and we do like them). In case you missed it, we stream music now. We choose 8Tracks or Soundcloud for this festive season. These are two of the most popular online music streaming services around. You can choose between free or paid accounts, depending on your tolerance of pop up ads. Create your playlists, browse other user’s compilations,  and blast the best tunes for hours on end. All you need is a phone or PC that can connect to your Wifi, and a speaker to play it through. We like the little mobile, Bluetooth speakers.

*Bonus App: Need something fun and interactive you can use to entertain adults and kids alike? Why not download Heads Up? Heads Up is a charades game that will take your after lunch games hour to new levels of fun.