mobile internet

Effective Measures recently published South African Mobile Report for August 2014 where they surveyed 5113 South African desktop internet users.

The results provide key insights into mobile activity, especially mobile internet activity. Although Web Africa doesn’t offer 3G mobile internet, our website is responsive for mobile shoppers to purchase or top up their accounts from the convenience of their smart phone.

While the whole report is very informative, here are some key findings:

The results show that 91.7% of South Africans who took the survey has a smart phone and 81.6% access the internet via their smart phone mainly using a data package of more than 1GB of data per month (50.9%).

The top 5 smart phone internet activities are instant messaging, emailing, social networking, job searching and sports news.

Mobile shopping is growing due to convenience with about 21% doing banking and finance related purchases followed by electronics and travel.

Samsung is the market leader in SA in smartphones and 2nd in tablets behind Apple.

Click here to download Effective Measure’s full report.