Feeling Stressed? Here are (some of) the best Netflix shows to help you calm down and chill out.
Life can be stressful, and sometimes you just need something to take your mind off it all. If you’re feeling like you’re at maximum stress capacity and you can’t even handle the suspense in a Disney movie, then this list of the most calming shows on Netflix is for you.

Planet Earth

Nothing beats a long walk in nature to re-boot your internal workings, but if nature is too far away, try this instead. This high ranking documentary series shows you some of the most amazing moments in wildlife, using brand new tech to capture previously unimaginable footage of the natural world doing its thing.

Moving Art

More nature, with even less being asked of you the viewer. This series showcases filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg’s incredible eye for the magnitude and beauty of nature. Each episode focuses on a different part of the natural world, from Oceans to Deserts to Forests, and everything in-between.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Need a laugh? This show is authentic, funny and completely non-dramatic. It’s just Jerry Seinfeld getting coffee one-on-one with some top comedians, along with vintage cars, good coffee and good humor.

Amazing Interiors

Discover strange and unusual homes. Many of these are built up from scratch by the devoted owners who know exactly what they want. This show explores some interesting and inspiring interiors without demanding anything from the viewer, no suspense and a 100% success rate for every person being showcased.


Okay, so there is a little suspense and a few cliff-hangers, but if you have already watched every episode (a few times, like some of us) you might just find that rediscovering these characters on Netflix can be a very calming thing to do.

Enjoy your Netflix, and chill.

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