tech phobias


When you talk about phobias, it  usually relates to the fear of bugs, dirt, heights, clowns, flying or absolutely anything, including technology and computers.

Although tech phobias are not yet clinical terms, tech- induced fears and abnormal anxieties are circulating the web as an increasing amount of people find it difficult to understand technology, fear the consequences of them developing or simply can’t bear to learn how to use them.

Here are 7 tech phobias that people are talking about.

1. Technophobia

Technophobia was first used in the Industrial Revolution. These are people who have abnormal anxiety about the effects of technology. They fear technology will overtake the human race. They will provide every reason for why they should not or will not use technology.

2. Nomophobia

If your cell phone knows more about you than anyone else and controls your life, you will know this feeling well!

Nomophobia generates panic when you are not in contact with your phone (no mobile). Fears include losing reception, running out of battery power, losing ones phone and even unable to go to the toilet without your phone.

3. Cyberphobia

Most people enjoy spending hours on their computers working, playing games or browsing the internet, but those who suffer from Cyberphobia do not. Strangely enough, there are people who have a fear of working on computers and feel that anything connected to the internet is invasive.

4. Telephonophobia

Telephonophobia is the fear of answering and receiving telephone calls. People become intimidated and panic attacks can arise from hearing their phone ring or vibrate.

5. Selfiephobia

Selfiephobia’s don’t like taking selfies. Either they think they are not photogenic and don’t want to see photos of how they really look, or see it as a cry for attention.

Although Selfiephobia is not an official term, it is widely used with the increase of selfies on social media and instant messaging.

6. Expiraphobia

The fear of forgetting to renew a domain name and it expires. Domain name renewal occurs on a yearly basis and some domain owners fear they will forget to renew their domain and someone else will snap it up. Because of this, some companies in America offer a 10 year domain registration.

7. Loremophobia

Loremophobia is actually the fear of losing the remote control for the TV. Losing your TV remote after a long day at work happens to the best of us, but some take it worse than others.