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What do we do? We get you online, chop chop.

Just enter your street address, and we’ll get you connected with the fastest internet access available for you.

From Fasterfast Fibre for those who need the fastest connection around, to LTE for those who love to travel, and Old School ADSL for those who are still waiting for the latest tech to hit their neighborhood, Webafrica brings you high speed internet with all the bells and whistles.


If you want blistering fast internet speeds and the latest in cutting edge internet technology then Fibre is for you. No Telkom, No Contracts, Just Fasterfast Fibre with up to 100Mbps! We’ll even throw in a FREE router to seal the deal.

Starting at R424/month


Hassle-free, high-speed internet technology for those who are big on easy. Your internet is airborne, straight from the tower to your router. No cables, no contracts, no landlord approval. The best part is that as long as you’re in an LTE covered area, you can take your router with you and enjoy your racy-fast internet on holiday, too. With up to 50Mbps, that’s not too shabby!

Starting at R299/month


Because Old School can still be cool. ADSL has been around the block and it still connects more South Africans than any other access type. If your area isn’t LTE ready or Fibre Live, don’t worry. Our ADSL is all that and a bag of chips.

Starting at R29/month

Fibre? LTE? ADSL? WTF?

Still confused? Not sure which is the best fit for you, or even what your access options are? Don’t worry. Simply contact our friendly sales agents and we’ll get you sorted.

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