We are back with our binger list to give you new series and movies on Netflix.

Let’s face it, there haven’t been many brand-new 2021 releases on Netflix the past week or two on the movie front. They have added quite a few older movies like Legally Blonde, The Internship, The Hustle, Conspiracy Theory, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Specialist to name a few. Then on the series side, they have added seasons (already released elsewhere) of The Bold Type, Real Housewives, The Good Doctor, etc. They have also added older series that are always worth a binge like Downton Abbey, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Mr. Robot.

We have sifted through some titles and found these new releases that will keep you entertained this weekend if you want some fresh 2021 content:


Most watchers have said the same about this gem, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” You will start off thinking you know exactly who the killer is and what transpired. You might even alter your idea a little as the series goes on.
We warn you: prepare to be shocked.

We didn’t expect that much from it at the beginning, giving a “Black Mirror” kind of vibe so you think you know what will happen. It’s filled with plot twists and if you can get over some of the characters’ annoying traits and the disappointment you’ll feel in humanity, it will definitely be a mini-series you want to binge on this weekend.

UNTOLD: Crime & Penalties

The “Untold” series has brought documentaries covering various interesting sports legends (good and bad) mostly riddled in scandals. This time it looks into the hockey team, the Danbury Trashers. What’s so special about this team? Well, let’s just say they didn’t have the most honourable owner. James Galante, who had strong mafia ties, purchased the team and his 17-year-old son helped him run the show. If you enjoyed the first three parts of the series (Untold: Deal with the Devil, Untold: Caitlyn Jenner and Untold: Malice at the Palace), you’ll be intrigued with this latest instalment. You’ll also be happy to learn that there’s one last part that will hit Netflix soon, Untold: Breaking Point.

Turning Point:

9/11 And the War on Terror

While we’re on the subject of crime and documentaries, there’s another interesting documentary that just hit Netflix. Turning Point is particularly interesting now after the recent news that the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and occupy the streets of Kabul again. The documentary takes us through the history of Al Qaeda (and their relationship with the Taliban), how it ended in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how it led to the longest American war in history. If you haven’t really spent much time following the Afghanistan and Iraqi war with the US over the past 20 years (yes, 9/11 will be 20 years ago this month), then this will be a quick way to catch up and give you a deeper understanding of how these events have affected three different nations. This mini-series will give you some food for thought along with a history lesson.

Really Love

A deep, beautiful romance about an emerging artist who falls in love with an ambitious law student. She becomes his muse but he keeps struggling to get the attention of art curators. He finally gets a break when a gallery owner takes a chance on his work. He starts to neglect his new lover when he gets obsessed with his work and the relationship crumbles. Will they get back together? Will they never see each other again? Will you cry? You’ll have to watch and find out…

Sweet Girl

If you aren’t sure about Sweet Girl at first, just remember Jason Momoa is in it, surely it can’t be bad? The movie is about a man vowing to avenge his wife’s death. What’s the catch? He also has to protect the only person he has left in his world, his daughter. If you want drama and action packaged into one movie about revenge, Sweet Girl is for you.

SAS: Red Notice

Tom Buckingham, an off-duty soldier has to jump into the action when there’s a terror attack on a train. He needs to keep the civilians alive while fighting off the bad guys. An action-packed movie that’ll get you on the edge of your seat.

Honourable Mention:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Brooklyn’s finest are back for another season, albeit a season that the rest of the world already enjoyed in 2019. It’s not really “new” exactly but we want to still recommend you watch it if you haven’t.

This season kickstarts with Jake and Amy going on their honeymoon and Captain Holt finding out whether or not he will be the next NYPD commissioner. The show still has it after six seasons and will work out your stomach muscles from all the laughs.


These are the expected releases and their release dates that have been rumoured to hit Netflix South Africa this month:

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 (today, 3 September)
Sharkdog (today, 3 September)
Dive Club (today, 3 September)
Untold: Breaking Point (7 September)
Kid Cosmic: Season 2 (7 September)
Into the Night: Season 2 (8 September)
JJ+E (8 September)
The Circle: Season 3 (8 September)
Luna Park (8 September)
The Women and the Murderer (9 September)
Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammed Ali (9 September)
Prey (10 September)
Kate (10 September)
Lucifer: Final Season (10 September)
The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Season 2 (14 September)
You vs. Wild: Out Cold (14 September)
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 5 (14 September)
Schumacher (15 September)
Nailed it!: Season 6 (15 September)
Nightbooks (15 September)
Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space (15 September)
Final Space: Season 3 (16 September)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (16 September)
Sex Education: Season 3 (17 September)
Squid Game (17 September)
The Father Who Moves Mountains (17 September)
Chicago Party Aunt (17 September)
Love on the Spectrum: Season 2 (21 September)
Dear White People: Volume 4 (22 September)
Confessions of an Invisible Girl (22 September)
Intrusion (22 September)
Jaguar (22 September)
Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan (22 September)
Pose: Season 3 (23 September)
Blood & Water: Season 2 (24 September)
Jailbirds New Orleans (24 September)
Midnight Mass (24 September)
Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia (24 September)
My Little Pony: A new generation (24 September)
The Starling (24 September)
Ada Twist, Scientist (28 September)
Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! (28 September)
The Chestnut Man (29 September)
MeatEater: Season 10 Part 1 (29 September)
Sounds Like Love (29 September)
No One Gets Out Alive (29 September)
Friendzone (29 September)
Too Hot To Handle Latino (30 September)

We will update you on the other streaming service releases in the coming weeks. If you don’t want to wait, a pretty good resource is ThePlumList.com: Amazon Prime, DStv, Showmax and if you want more ideas than the above list, there’s a Netflix list too.

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