Have you joined the online shopping trend or still prefer standing in the queue for an airline ticket or browsing through shopping malls until you find what you want?

Online shopping is growing among South African consumers. According to an Effective Measures eCommerce  Report released in February  2014,  South African online shopping increased during the December 2013 period with mobile users almost half of the online activity increasing by 15%, totaling to 47%. This growth is due to smart phones, competitive pricing, expanding ranges of quality products, simple return policies and easy access to product information.

Out of over 10 000 internet users surveyed, the two biggest online shopping cities in South Africa are Gauteng at 45% and Cape Town at 22.6%. Most purchased online items include books, airline tickets, hotel reservations, events and computer software.

While shopping online doesn’t give you the joy of obtaining your purchases straight away, 38.31% don’t mind waiting between 1 and 4 days for delivery and 38.03% are willing to wait a further 5 to 10 working days.

The majority of shoppers, 26.21%, spend less than R250 and 6.51% don’t mind spending over R10 000 in a single online shopping event. The two most popular payment methods are credit cards at 66.68% and Visa at 55.59%

The top 20 most visited online retail sites in South Africa in December 2013.

Website Unique Audience 992,420 935,858 701,720 685,726 678,684 521,411 475,135 474,302 442,695 398,438 327,022 303,028 290,116 280,855 269,420 229,778 207,408 197,094 190,423 167,166