Web Africa spent our 67 minutes for Mandela Day at DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) last year and have decided to go back this year again to their farm amongst the trees and pastures in Hout Bay, Cape Town to offer support, help out and visit our furry friends.

Thank you to our caring and supportive staff for their donations of dog & cat items and food as well as Vondi’s for their generosity donating  leads, collars, vests, warm tops and even a cat carrier. We can’t wait to unpack our car boots at DARG!

Vondis  is a registered, scientific, complete balanced diet that is nautural, wholesome and preservatives free consisting of  real meat, raw vegetables, olive oil and fresh herbs in the form of pet nutrition, natural pet remedies and natural pet treats. visit their website or follow them on Facebook for more information.

DARG is a wonderful non-profit organisation that receives no government funding and is fully reliant on donations and adoptions from the public to stay open. The staff and volunteers there do amazing work to care for the animals. Their vision is to be a leading example in animal sheltering in South Africa.

DARG rescues and takes in dogs, puppies, kittens and cats.  The animals receive a sheltered temporary home, food, full veterinary care and once full rehabilitated they try find each one a permanent, lovable home.

Weekly dog walking and socializing is extremely important to DARG  and volunteer dog walkers give the dogs that personal touch and love they would not otherwise receive.

While the cats wait for their new caring homes, they live in wonderful “sanctuary” cat garden enclosures with trees and jungle gyms for them to enjoy while not resting in their dormitory houses with bunk beds.

Although there are many supportive community members giving monthly donations, they struggle to make it through each month so they have events and fund raisers to ensure their doors stay open. They are having a Mandela Day Fair. For only R67 entry you can enjoy food stalls, purchase items at the garage sale, entertainment as well as have fun at the puppy play park. (You might even bump into us!)

If you would like to volunteer, donate, support events, visit or walk dogs you can find out more by contacting them in the following ways:

  • Follow their Facebook page for news, events and updates.
  • Visit their website to see the dogs and cats that are up for adoption and more about the organisation.
  • Send DARG an email on  info@darg.org.za or give a friendly call on (021) 790 0383 or (021) 790 2050
  • Finally, get your friends or family together and take a drive to visit DARG . They are situated in Hout Bay along the Hout Bay road (M63).


DARG Mandela Day event