It’s the holidays, and all that data needs to be put to good use. Here are 16 fun and entertaining websites to help you waste your time online…


The Useless Web

This website will help you find the most useless things online. From shopping to weird news and everything in between.



Cookie Clicker 

Click the cookies. Get the highest score you can. Click more cookies. That’s pretty much it.



Brain Pickings 

For those looking for something a little more intelligent to waste their time online.




Flash by Night

A Collection of ridiculous games. Some of them are quite addictive, some of them are silly, all of them are pointless!




Ever feel like you have a baby pug licking your computer screen from the inside? Well you can now!



Cat Bounce

Don’t like pugs? How about cats instead? With cat bounce you can watch a whole bunch of kittens bouncing around your screen!




Buzzfeed Quizzes

Ever wonder what kind of pizza you are? Which Game of Thrones character you are? What your geek name is? Warning: It’s pretty much impossible to stop once you start.


Feed the head

It’s pretty weird, and useless, but maybe you’ll enjoy it. You get to feed this guy, pull off his nose, and do other random things to “the head”.




Bored Panda

So, it’s not really about Pandas. But this site is chock-a-block with fun stuff for when you’re bored online.



TED Talks 

Okay so you can’t really call watching TED talks a waste of time, because they’re brilliant, and there is so much to learn and expand your mind, here. But you can defiantly use up a lot of time on TED.



For the jokster in you. You probably already know 9Gag, but we thought we’d throw it in here just in case you forget about it this holiday. You can count on 9Gag to provide you with weird, funny and often inappropriate humor.



This website is actually pretty cool. Choose your interests and it will generate random and unusual articles and facts about them. Definitely worth checking out.



The Oatmeal

In a similar vein to Bored Panda and Buzzfeed, The Oatmeal is just chock-a-block with useless yet interesting things. From jokes and quotes to stories and video clips, The Oatmeal is geared towards those with an off-beat sense of humor.



Draw Stickman 

Draw a stick man and help him create his adventure. This is a fully interactive website that will surprise you by bringing out the creative, silly side in just about anyone.




Alone? Studying? Need to feel like there are other people around? Coffitivity is a website that plays background sounds recorded in various coffee shop settings. The murmur of students in a varsity coffee shop in the morning has been proven to help people concentrate. So, this is not technically a time wasting website, but it’s nice to have in the background anyway.





Okay so this is another website similar to The Oatmeal or Buzzfeed, but it also has great content for those with an interest in tech, art, and design. Also, they have animal fails. We love animal fails!


However you decide to waste your time on line, we hope you have fun doing it!