We entered a 5-a-side soccer team into the 2013 Corporate League. Read on to learn how the team got started and who the players are:


It all started a few weeks ago when 9 average gentlemen decided to embark on a journey and start a soccer team. We started a boot camp where we lived only on rice and water to get the fitness levels up, and after a 5 week boot camp we were ready for our 1st match. These gentlemen came from far and wide all with the dream of making it big and being champions, since their respective golden days in soccer these 9 have said no to offers from Europe’s top clubs and pursued a career in the ISP industry thus they find themselves at Web Africa. I present to you the 9 legends that walk among us:

Lincoln ‘’Al Capitano’’: Of the best goalkeepers around, the leader of the pack and the voice for the team. He started playing soccer at the age of 5 but due to a shortage of soccer balls he hung up his boots at age 17

Ebrahim ‘’El Ninio’’: the dynamite sensation, sys admin during the day and fling foot on the field at night

Taariq ‘’Aguero’’:  the skilful boy wonder, adsl guru in the day and master of dribbling at night

Craigd ‘’The One’’: the anomaly. You never know what his about to do

Ralthon ‘’Deco’’: smallest player, the energy bunny on the field with a never say die attitude

JP  ‘’Albinio’’: the play maker and chance taker, the poker face

Jesse ‘’ The Mesmeriser’’: the finisher and goal wonder. The magician on the field, if you blink it’s over.

Tarin – ‘’Outlaw’’: the creator and solid finisher. Does not say much is more a man of action

Rudi – ‘’The Chosen 1’’: the danger boy, the surprise package of the bunch.