We entered a 5-a-side soccer team into the 2013 Corporate League. 3 matches have been played to date and another 7 to go.

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Our team play games every Monday evening. Look out for communication about the next game and come out to support if you can, it’s a great fun vibe for those on the field and off.

So far the results are as follows:

13 May 2013 – won 5-1

The boys were a little nervous with it being their first game. It was a real test of stamina but they became focused during the team talk on the bus travelling through. Together looking good in the new tops imported from Spain (yes we believe they that good), Rudi’s brand new boots and support/advice from each other such as “if you can’t get the ball just bite” the skills came out. We gave our opponents the dust by crushing them with a 5-1 win, (without biting.)

Goals were scored by Jesse (3 goals), JP (1 goal) and Taariq (1 goal).

20 May 2013 – lost 1-5

Coming off from a strong win last week the boys headed for their next game with high hopes and spirits coming from a strong win last week. They fought a hard game but suffered their first loss, the boys were shattered but as professional sportsman they accepted it and they are busy with tactics to bring the point’s home again.

As Pink and Nate Ruess say in their song ‘’we not broken, just bent and we can learn to win again’’

During a Super Sports interview with Craig about last night’s game, he mentioned “We have been inundated with wishes and words of encouragement and apologise for not responding to all messages but know that we are thankful.  If you have a player in your team take this time to simply offer a hug or a smile.”

27 May 2013 – lost 4-6

Monday’s game was the best game played to date. Strategy of the game was “If you can’t get the ball, smack their bottoms.”

The guys dominated 90% of the game with speed, passing and a Premiership worthy formation leading 4-2. Unluckily in the final seven minutes 4 goals were scored by our opponents resulting in a 4-6 loss.

Although it was a loss, the game itself was a win as amongst a total of 50 top class teams, we were chosen this week to be Fives Futbol’s Team of the Week!! This is based on talent, charisma, fitness and of course, looks.

During an interview with the goalie and team captain Lincoln “Al Capitano”, at the awards ceremony, he mentioned that they are not letting this award, the press or fans get to them.

“We are staying tremendously focused knowing there is another game on Monday. We will be practising our skills and game plan after work today in the rain. Thank you for all the support so far, without our fans we wouldn’t be where we are today!” – Now that’s dedication!