A celebration and commemoration of our nation’s father. Mandela Day is the day where South Africans and people worldwide pledge 67 minutes (one minute for each year of Tata Madiba’s public service) of their time to charitable causes, as an act of good citizenship and to honour the great man on his birthday. Activities associated with the celebration often range from sports and arts to education and volunteering.

This Mandela Day we pledged our 67 minutes (and more!) to assist FoodForward SA to sort and pack the collected food at the Cape Town Corporate Packing Event.

FoodForward SA?

FoodForward SA is a registered NPO that collects edible surplus food from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers and ensures that this food is provisioned to various organisations. There is a special focus on beneficiary organisations such as Early Childhood Development, Youth Development, Women’s Empowerment Groups and Care Centres, which serve hundreds of thousands of South Africans daily.



Make every day a Mandela Day! Because FoodForward SA relies on the generosity of both corporate and individuals you can help support and donate to help feed South Africa.