Here at Webafrica we have a bucket-load of fun with our marketing, with our Webafrica YouTube ads being the frosting on our  communications cake.

YouTube and Facebook vlogs have proven to be a highly effective means of not only advertising to new customers, but also to communicate what would otherwise be “difficult to explain” information to our existing customers. We like to add a touch of humor to what we do, and we think some of these videos explain “boring stuff” in a really fun and relate-able way.

We love to collaborate with local talent and are very proud that the content you see here is 100% South African from conceptualization all the way through to post-production.

Stats don’t lie, and apparently these are you (the public’s) favorite Webafrica videos:

Just skip it. If you can.

  • Views : 1 838 894 views

Webafrica Effing Fast Internet

  • 1 168 775 views

We’re So Effing Sorry

  • 41 096 views

Shhhhhh! Fibre is cheaper than ADSL 1

  • 526 431 views

Shhhhhh! Fibre is cheaper than ADSL 2

  • 83 962 views

Webafrica Fasterfast Fibre Router Set-Up

  • 10 887 views

Webafrica’s FUP explained – the Webafrica way

  • 3 533 views

What’s the right Line Speed for you?

  • 1 759 views (We know, it’s not nearly as many views as the rest, but we love this video)

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The above video goodness was created in collaboration with various talented groups and individuals, including (but not limited to):

The Jupiter Drawing Room, Pammi-Joy Productions, Sketchbook Studio Productions, Joshua Von Trappler, and The Webafrica Marketing Team (Willie Balls, Rif-Raf, Jem-bo, Just-in-Time and The Purdinator)



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