(Apparently) The real reason for the internet, its true higher purpose, is not the endless information available or the work Email or the marketing opportunities or Facebook. The real, underlying reason for its very existence… is to bring us cat videos.

According to ReelSEO.com, YouTube is home to more than 2 million cat videos, which have been watched more than 25.6 billion times! That is not taking into account how many cat videos are floating around on other platforms, either. The actual number of cat-viewing hours available online is simply too staggering to contemplate.

The average cat video receives 12 000 views on YouTube!

Numerous studies have been done to determine the positive effects that watching cat videos has on the human psyche.

There is even such a thing as the Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

So, without further ado, here they are…

The Top 10 Cat Video (compilations) on YouTube Today:

With 71 254 273 Views:

With 67 0038 376 views:

With 57 578 714 Views:

With 53 833 382 views – Cats vs Bathtime:


With 28 419 390 Views:

With 27 451 542 views:

With 21 105 168 views:

With 15 073 644 views:

With 10 377 351 views (and our personal favourite) Cats vs Cucumbers:

With 1 274 087 Views:

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And just for fun, here is a free cat poster for you to download.


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