So, load-shedding sucks – and it seems as if we are going to be dealing with it for the foreseeable future. Luckily, your Webafrica internet is still here for you through the dark times.

It took a bit of trial and error, but we are ready to share with you the “How to” on keeping your internet running throughout the load-shedding process.

First up – all of our private underlying infrastructure providers have made provisions for load-shedding. So, when the power is out their generators will kick in and keep everyone’s internet up and running. There have sometimes been issues with local stations, but these issues are being systematically eradicated and we expect full access throughout any load-shedding to be the norm very soon.

As for us – our offices are fully equipped for load-shedding with some rather large generators to make sure that we can keep providing you with internet no matter what.

LTE Routers and Power Banks

An LTE router is a pretty fabulous little contraption because it uses minimal power. You should be able to run it off a fairly standard power bank. You just need to make sure that the cables and ports are compatible. If you have one of the older Huawei routers it probably came with a battery. All you have to do is plug it in while the power’s on. Then when load-shedding hits your router will have a couple of hours of power to keep you connected.

UPS for Fixed Lines

If you’re on a Fibre connection (well done – you have the most fabulous internet available) you can prevent any internet downtime with a UPS.

Basically – you need to power your CPE or ONT (the Fibre box on the wall) and your router.  As long as these devices have power running to them the internet supplied to them will still be there, and you should be online.

You can purchase a suitable UPS (uninterrupted power supply) from anywhere between R500 and R5000, depending on how long you want it to run and how many devices you’re planning on running off it. A bigger UPS can be used to run your laptop, PC, and other devices as well as your router and Fibre box if you wish.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to run your devices via the UPS even when the power is on because these power devices act as a first line of “defence” for power surges which could otherwise destroy your tech.


If you know that your electricity is going to be off for long periods of time – or if you have a small business with multiple users needing to be powered during load-shedding, your best bet will be to purchase a generator.

Mobile LTE Routers

If all else fails, you could consider purchasing a Mifi LTE router which is designed to be a portable (and therefore battery operated) internet solution.



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