The second lockdown weekend is upon us and most of us are probably running out of activities to keep it interesting. The wacky Webafricans have a few ideas to keep you entertained:

1. Dress up party

It’s the weekend and Friday nights are meant for fun so there is no reason to not have a great time, even during lockdown! So dress to impress and make it a house party (well minus the outside guests) with fancy (virgin) cocktails and interesting food. Use whatever you have lying around in the house to make cocktail foods; like tiny cheese grillers on toothpicks and burger sliders, etc. Turn up the music and dance with one hand flying free in the air – nobody is watching!


2. Saturday is braai day – duh

So one thing about South Africans, Saturdays are braai days. Mostly because of the old tradition to braai while the rugby game is playing in the afternoon. But honestly, we just take any excuse to braai. This Saturday there is also an initiative to get people outside and braaiing by ‘Lekker Spitbraai and Catering”. So, if you like to braai and you love rugby – this one will be for you! Have a rugby braai – put on your favourite rugby jersey, decorate the tables with green and gold (or the colours of your favourite provincial team). If you have a yard your kids can play catch with a rugby ball and later while having dessert you can play rugby trivia to test everyone’s knowledge of the game and teach each other some new fun facts.

Braai on 4 April during Lockdown

April 4th is lockdown braai day

3. Rugby and braai not your thing?

No problem, have a themed watching party. So, pick your favourite series or trilogy movie that you would like to spend the whole of Saturday watching. Then dress up similar to one of the characters and make your room up with decorations to get you into the theme of the movie.

For example, if you’re watching Harry Potter – get your glasses and if you don’t have any, make some out of tin foil. Draw a thunderbolt scar on your head, make yourself a wand out of a stick and put on your longest gown to imitate the clothes they wear. Make the room up with stars and pictures of owls and the Hogwarts train. Be creative and let your imagination run wild! You can do the same when creating snacks – just maybe skip the Bertie Bott’s earwax, vomit and soap flavoured jelly beans if you’re doing the Harry Potter theme.

4. Theme Queen

Running with the fun of doing themed activities… you can also have a whole day pretending it is a certain holiday. Next weekend is Easter so that’s covered – but you can get creative and make your house up in Christmas decorations for example, and have a mini-Christmas party.

Watch a Christmas movie while wearing your Santa hat. Throw some sweets in your Santa stocking and wrap a random object in the house as a gift to give to the other members of the house then have a gift opening session. If you have Halloween costumes from the past few years stashed in a closet, get them out and get freaky!

5. Sunday baking day

Rope in everyone in the house (if you’re alone, oh well – more food for you!) and bake cookies or flapjacks.
Bachelors: Try make a different shape of cookie/flapjack every time. Also play around with flavours. You can make one raspberry flapjack and one chocolate chip. You can make as much as you want – just place the leftovers in the fridge and you’ll have different flavours to enjoy the rest of the week. Of course, remember to Instagram your creations!

2+ in a household: Let everyone make their own shapes and in the end have tasting sessions – your own baking show. Everyone can then vote for their favourite and the winner can get a chocolate or can choose what the family does for the rest of the day – be creative with the prize!

Tip: If you want to make a day out of delicious desserts, watch “Zumbo’s Just Desserts”, “Sugar Rush”, “Nailed It” on Netflix to give you inspiration and keep the theme of the day going.

6. Obstacle course

If you have kids, this might be more of interest for you as parents are always looking for ways to get all that energy in kids out in a healthy manner. Nobody wants to do boring exercises on the weekend so make it fun! Make an obstacle course in the garden or around your house (just make sure it is a safe area). You can incorporate things like hopscotch, jumping rope, crawling underneath objects, jumping over objects, jumping onto objects and playing with a ball to get them moving. It’s fun and it will get them some exercise. Who knows, maybe you can jump in too and have some fun!

7. Fingerpainting

No matter how old you are, painting and drawing can be fun! Mix it up a little bit and put words containing animal and object names into a hat. Each person then gets a turn to close their eyes and pick one of the pieces of paper. Then you all have to try fingerpaint whatever you picked.


Being stuck in the house can feel like torture, but if you put your mind to it and let the creative juices flow, it can be a great time to do relaxing, fun activities we never get to do when we are in our normal daily routines. Try making the most of this lockdown period and stay healthy!

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