When you think “gardening” the first thing that pops into your mind probably isn’t “Apps and Websites”.

The wonderful thing about the world wide web, though, is that it’s all about information and there is a website (and probably an app) for absolutely anything you might be interested in.

This week we are taking a look at the best apps and websites for gardeners. Winter is the perfect time to start planning your spring garden and preparing your beds, so take a look at these inspiring apps and sites to help you get started.

Life is a Garden

Lifeisagarden.co.za is a South African gardening website that will inspire you. It offers advice based on the season and your province and helps you to plan your planting accordingly. This helpful website is packed with responsible gardening tips and will help you connect with local clubs and societies if you are into that sort of thing.


Gardoid is a great free android app that will help you plan, plant and harvest your own kitchen garden. You don’t need huge amounts of space, either. This is a good app for those of you who have been thinking about growing your own herbs and veggies for home but you just don’t know how to get started.

Moon & Garden

Maybe you’re well versed in the concept of gardening according to the moon phases, or maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about it. Either way, it works. Just like the moon is responsible for the tides, it also has an effect on your plants. This app will help you use it to your advantage. Find it here: Moon and Garden

Garden Answers Plant Identifier

This is a wonderful app because it allows you to snap a photo of any plant you want to identify and it will help you find out what it is. With over 20 000 plants on the books, if it can’t find your plant you have the option to get an expert botanist to identify it for you.

It also identifies pests and answers more than 200 000 garden questions.

Grow Journal

Looking for an app to keep track of your own garden? Grow Journal is a great companion to anyone who wants a hand getting really organized. It uses a colour code to track each of your plants week by week and allows you to add a lot of detail to your gardening diary.

 Garden Planner

This one is for use on your desktop, not your phone. This is a fairly addictive garden planner app that allows you to plan your space in huge detail. If you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to stop playing with it (even if you don’t have a garden!). See Garden Planner here.

Seed to Spoon

Just what it sounds like. From Seed to Spoon is an app that was developed by real gardeners for real gardeners. It will help you with tips and hints from the first seeds you plant to preparing your vegetables and herbs in the kitchen and turning them into delicious meals!


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