As reported by My Broadband in May, Webafrica is in the process of migrating to our own infrastructure.

The platform is now ready and we have started quietly migrating some of our own staff accounts in the background in order to test it out. We are seeing rather pleasing results on the new Webafrica network, so far.

The next phase of the project is to start moving over our live customers. We plan to roll out the new network in stages, and each area will be notified via email before anything happens.

Why is Webafrica launching a new network?

We are moving to allow us to provide the best possible service to our customers. We anticipate that most customers won’t notice the changeover at all, initially. The major advantage for our customers is that we have a lot more control over the various components involved in getting your internet to you – which means we can ensure a superior user experience from activation to dealing with support to watching the next GoT spin-off.

When will we move customers to the new Webafrica Network?

We will be rolling out the migration to the new Webafrica network over the month of June and we anticipate that all areas will be moved over by mid-July. The first batch of customers to move will be our Cape Town Frogfoot users.

What to Expect during the migration: 

We expect a few minutes of down time as the providers are cut over. Thereafter, the router should reconnect without the customer having to do anything. Migrations are set to take place around 5:00 -7:00 am, and a downtime of no more than 10 minutes per customer is expected.

What’s Next:

We will be sending out communications to the first batch of customers shortly, informing them of the impending changes. We are asking for clients to comment on the experience on the My Broadband platform so that we can centrally track and identify any issues to be resolved as quickly as possible.

We expect to see an overall improvement in download and upload speeds as the migration takes hold.

The world of tech is constantly evolving and we need to be constantly updating our systems and working relationships in order to keep ourselves (and our customers) abreast of the changes as they happen. As always, Webafrica strives to stay at the forefront of internet technology.

Share your experience:

If you are one of our customers who has been moved over to our new network, we would love to hear about how the migration went for you. Your comments and feedback (positive or negative) will help us to track and identify any issues which may come up during the migration. You can share your experience with us on the My Broadband forum here.

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