Our CEO walks in, doing his usual greeting rounds throughout the entire company, far more chipper than an early Monday morning could ever ask for. We had to inquire about this most appreciated Monday mood.  He hovers towards a central PC – type’s techcentral.co.za into the browser and goes … “BOOM!! “ showing us a quite impressive and surprisingly descriptive article trending on the techcentral.co.za  website.

There he is – in all his Webafrican glory, introducing himself to the public. Now, understand one thing, he’s not much for photoshoots, too much attention, lights, camera, or action type of things – so we were very pleased that not only was the content engaging to read with decent answers to some proper interview questions, but he even managed a pretty decent photograph!

We are proud to share (and encourage you to read) the Tech Central article written by Duncan McLead, taking us into the inner workings of our CEO’s past, present and future mind, detailing his fascinating journey into becoming the CEO he is today and the Webafrican example we at Webafrica aspire to.

Enjoy this super cool read 😉

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