This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating one particularly special Webafrica employee.

We had a special visit from the Cape Town Fire Department this morning, who came to help us thank one of our sales agents, Daryl Mehl, who yesterday ran into a burning building here in Woodstock and helped save more than 20 girls who had been locked into their rooms inside the burning building.

Daryl was returning from his lunch break when he noticed the smoke coming out of the burning building. Thank goodness he was coming back towards our offices from that direction, as no-one standing in front of the flaming building had even realised that it was occupied.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Daryl ran to the building to see if he could put the fire out and do whatever he could to get the girls out safely. He and another gentleman first helped the girls who were trying to climb out of a high window. They managed to get two more men to help them kick the locked door down, and then Daryl ran inside to sweep the building to make sure no-one was left behind.

When we asked him about it this morning, he said, “I was just in the right place at the right time. I did what anyone would have done. I just thank God for putting me there.”

The Fire Department representative who spoke with us confirmed that the girls might not have made it out unharmed if Daryl had not been so quick to act.

Thank you, Daryl. We know you don’t think you did anything special, but to us, you will always be a hero.

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