When it comes to password management there are three types of people:

  • Those who make use of the same password or a variation of it for ALL sites,
  • Those who forget and have to click to generate new passwords,
  • And those who make use of a password management tool.

The scariest statistic of the lot is that on average more than half the population makes use of the same password or a variation of it for ALL sites that they access. Clever thinking right? I mean it’s one password that only YOU, and ONLY YOU should know, wrong!

Well, let’s put it into perspective, if you’re a member of websites X, Y and Z – and you use the same password for each – and X suffers from a data leak or hackers manage to get their hands on it. Chances are highly likely that these bad guys will have access to all your other accounts. This is then even scarier because a large portion of the population makes use of birthday’s, people’s names and other easy-to-remember passwords.

So how do we secure our lives online?

The Cloud

We need a central repository for passwords that doesn’t confine you to a single device. The cloud is the perfect solution. As long as devices are connected to the Internet, users can access their password.

Password Management Software

A password manager generates strong passwords as you weave your way around the web. The tool provides new passwords each time you’re requested to enter your credentials. The best part about it is that it integrates as a browser extension, so where ever you go logging in and getting started will be a breeze.

Is it really safe?

The truth of the matter, there is no real system that is 100% flawless. Whether power outage, natural disaster or criminal hacking, your data is some way at risk. But if you combine Cloud-based services with a password management tool, it will prevent those bad guys from being able to access your data. And with the amount of sites you sign up with using these tools will help remember your passwords for you.

At Webafrica we’re all about security, that’s why we offer comprehensive SSL certificates to protect you and your customers and anti-virus software to protect your computer from any harmful and malicious attacks.

Spare yourself the headache and take some time out to sign up to protect yourself!