From e-commerce to job creation, the internet is our plug!

Have you sat down for a moment and thought about how the internet is shaping our world?

In 2023, we find ourselves living in a time where e-commerce, buying and selling goods and services online, is revolutionising the retail space in big and small ways alike. Your favourite retailer probably has an online store and your best friend who has a salon or an at-home workshop, most likely, has their own online page too. Added to this, what would the world be like without Takealot and Checkers Sixty60 for example? The e-commerce space has certainly made life simpler and more convenient.

Jobs like digital creation, being an influencer, and social media management are now essential parts of any major corporation’s success. A marketing team is not complete without a social media management team who exists to take care of the brand’s online presence and reputation. Social content creation and strategy is a sought-after skill.

We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.

Stephen Hawking

Now why would you not want a part in it all? Turn your hobby or your amazing personality into an income stream. The internet has made it possible for people to turn just about anything into a lucrative business. All you really need is a device that can support Instagram, Facebook, X (previously known as Twitter) or TikTok and you’re on your way… But if selling physical products is more your thing than creating your online website through sites like Wix, Shopify or WordPress, a reliable internet connection (we can help you with that) is how it’s done. Gone are the days when you needed an actual brick-and-mortar store to sell goods. We do these things from the palm of our hands now… It’s pretty nifty!

The world is on your doorstep…

Nothing is really “out of reach” anymore. You can literally order something from overseas and have it on your doorstep within a few days. Some may say we’ve lost the sentiment of exclusivity but perhaps it’s a way of embracing the global village that we exist in?

How do you use the internet?

Let this be the sign you needed to start if you’ve ever considered doing “your own thing”. We all know multiple income streams are the way of the future. For the more conservative and comfortable reader, how do you use the internet to simplify or enrich your everyday life?

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